Rabbit breeding in Austria

Rabbit breeding in Austria


Rabbit breeding in Austria and industrial rabbit breeding in particular, nowadays is represented by its two main types: technocratic and natural breeding. The second one is a new paradigm in this sphere, which can essentially change an attitude to the methods of getting meat for people`s need.

Technocratic rabbit-breeding (Techno rabbit-breeding) mostly operates broiler technologies of breeding and keeping rabbits, whereas in natural rabbit-breeding technology of eco-breeding is used. This technology has been invented by JanoshPogoretsky, inventor from Mukachevo city (Ukraine) whose “Rabbax Technology” rabbit breeding project became popular in countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, such as: Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Baltic countries and some European countries. The project has been started in 2003, its ideas and elaborations has formed a basis of alternative philosophy of rabbit breeding, which was first to propose the humane rabbit keeping in mini-farms – “Rabbitax” eco-systems. In such mini-farms breeding and keeping of rabbits are held in an environment of maximum protection of animals from different factors of risk, which may exist in this sphere.

Rabbit breeding in Austria
eco-rabbit farm

Eco rabbit breeding is the only efficient meat branch of industrial animal breeding, which can provide absolutely pure and almost perfect production in the “meat” class. Rabbit meat can be profitably produced without any broiler growth stimulators, genetic interference in rabbits` organism and using mutant and hybrid rabbit breeds.

A tendency of consuming healthy and natural food, which becomes popular all over the world forms sustained consumer demand and in light of this tendency eco rabbit breeding is a great and unique opportunity for rabbit breeding business of all forms, from small to big.

Our world is technogenic and technological. Natural recourses are running out, ecology of our planet is not becoming better with every passing day and we, people, become hostages of such a development of civilization. Although this development has provided lives for almost 7 billiards of planet`s inhabitants, but alarming reports of United Nations Organization which state that till 2020 amount and quality of food products will not satisfy needs of humanity, make us think about our future. Even now many people who are over 40 years old can say that there are no products now which can taste like those of the 60th-70th and partially 80th which are called “tasty” epoch. Unfortunately, nowadays young generation will never know the real taste of bread; ice-cream, made of natural dairy cream; sausages, made of natural meat; cucumbers and tomatoes which were grown 30 years ago, etc. Today it may be difficult to fry meat on a pan, because it sizzles, shoots and loses almost one third of its weight. How do you think what is the reason for it? The right answer is: the meat industry started to grow animals artificially; as a result, meat of those animals became watery, phosphate, full of some secret ingredients, tasteless, not useful and very often even harmful! Nowadays bottled water with antibiotics; milk products made of milk powder; bread made of cheap grain which was cultivated on exhausted lands with accelerants of dough fermentation; broiler meat; products with flavorings, fillers and substitutes can be found everywhere. In tomatoes one can find genes of medusa and marine fish, they can be gathered even not being ripe and kept for a long time, then, when it`s needed, having enough heat, they will ripen in a moment. There is gene of scorpion in wheat, it makes wheat resistant to drought, Japanese added gene of spinach to the pig gene, it made the meat of “mutant pigs” more dietetic. In 2010 8 varieties of tomato, 5 varieties of rice, 3 varieties of wheat, 24 varieties of potatoes and 32 varieties of corn were “mutant”. In broiler rabbit breeds genes of water plants can be found! And it`s no wonder that hair has grown on tongues of mousses who has been fed on GMO products! We can see that in Hungary, Belgium and Austria craft qualities of some overseas rabbit breeds (which, by the way, dies in natural conditions) are praised. Nowadays there are scientific argues concerning the best way of rabbit breeding: craft; techno or biospheric; outdoor, i.e.: natural, modernized eco rabbit breeding. Techno rabbit breeding, based on broiler technologies, can provide gross amount of meat, what is helpful for the policy of providing billiards of people on our planet with food. Today all sausages, canned goods, bread and other food products are just flavored, tasty looking biomass – matrix food!

Eco rabbit breeding is a very natural way of breeding rabbits and it`s out of system. As a result of it we can get eco rabbit meat which is a standard of quality and is worth to be followed. If someone wants his family to have pure food, than in “meat” class it`s the most efficient to get eco meat from the rabbit. For business it`s even better, because you can don`t be afraid about competition of others. No other animal can provide a meat of such a high quality as rabbit, because for pigs as well as for cattle and fowl territories, meadows and grasslands are needed. No one will wait till a pig gains weight during a year, it`s much more easier to make a hormone injection and in 5 months get results which can be got only in a year using a natural way of growing! Eco rabbit breeding is very humane, no violent methods or concentration camp conditions of keeping animals are used. Such way of breeding rabbits is highly cultured and eco rabbit breeder stands high, because he is producer of the best production in the world. Get acquainted with eco rabbit breeding on our web-site and we will be glad greeting you in our club.

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Rabbit breeding in Austria and industrial rabbit breeding in particular, nowadays is represented by its two main types: technocratic and natural breeding. The second one is a new paradigm in this sphere, which can essentially change an attitude to the methods of getting meat for people`s need
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