We do not buy rabbits and rabbit meat

We do not buy rabbits and rabbit meat!

We do not buy rabbits and rabbit meat!

Our company does not buy rabbits, rabbit meat and other production of rabbit farms!

We are not speculators to buy production of rabbit farms at one price and to sell it at the other price. We focus on the other type of income – income from our work. We are the innovative company that consists of developers and manufacturers, we create the added value and do not parasite on the ready products, on getting the percent of revenue added to the price of producer.

We are not the farming enterprise, meat factory or wholesale company to buy rabbits, rabbit meat, furs. That is not our objective.

That is why it is strange for us to hear that other manufacturing companies (producing rabbit equipment) offer to buy the production from rabbit farms (if the Client buys their equipment). This is the element of marketing, advertising, and in many cases – just deceiving the clients.

We live in the 21st century, the century of the Internet. All the information about goods and services is in the public access. There is no need to find the agent who will resell the production. The farmer can do it by himself. When we hear that some companies offer to buy rabbits, rabbit meat, and organize the production distribution – we understand that it is the advertising tool. It can be compared to the free plans of equipment that contain a virus to get clicks to the definite web recourses.

We had negotiations with the rabbit breeder concerning the rabbit breeding equipment. But he was captured by sweet words on another company from Lithuania that offered “to buy rabbits, rabbit meat and organize the production distribution”. He bought their equipment without paying great attention to the Agreement where the issues of production distribution were not specified. When the time came to sell his production – that company found a million and one reason why his rabbits are of bad quality. The breeder insisted on his rights citing the Agreement. Then the Lithuanian company took the sample of his production. Their laboratory made the analysis and delivered the verdict that the rabbit meat from his farm is unsafe. They threatened to close his enterprise if he insisted on the production distribution. This is it!We do not buy rabbits and rabbit meat

We cannot sign under all his words as we are not the witnesses of that situation. But the rabbit breeder was very disappointed with the quality of mini-farms made by the Lithuanian company. Maybe that is the real reason of his indignation. That is just the point.

Our company has been working for 13 years in the rabbit breeding sphere and that were we who started this eco business. We invented mini-farms for rabbits – equipment that changes all the paradigm to the rabbit breeding approach. We discovered how to reach the best results without intensive broiler rabbit breeding methods.

Definitely, there are a lot of people who want to use our success. There were attempts to copy our mini-farms or to steal our innovations. For example, the Lithuanian company posted our advertising texts on their websites until we legally stopped this activity. The second stage of copying our business was the creation of equipment by this company – taking as the basis the old-known and absolutely impractical rabbit-breeding theory invented by I. Mikhailov. According to this approach, mini-farms are made of the furniture materials, OSB, that have awful functionality. Such terrible miscalculations are felonious taking into account the life and health of rabbits. We describe our mini-farms with all details, because we care of their quality and safety of animals. In fact, rabbit breeding equipment is the main tool for the rabbit breeder! If such a farm cannot protect rabbits from draughts and is placed outdoors – rabbits will get ill, young animals will be born very weak, with bad immunity, very sensitive for all viruses and diseases. That is why our farms have the blind walls from 5 sides; there cannot be any draught there. If the farm is not protected from flies and mosquitoes, rabbits will suffer from all kinds of illnesses. Thus, every breeder should pay attention to these factors.

We can say with sure that the Lithuanian company has no specialists and constructors who could say that the farm with the bunker system in it is as if rabbits live all their life in the toilet! They breathe with gasses from excrements and are poisoned! Their meat will have the smell of urine despite of the attempt to create the ventilation inside the farm just putting the pipe into the bunker system. What the air draw can in the construction with draughts? It is not hermetic as “Rabbitax” that has no chinks and is solid construction from wood and metal. Where the gasses of methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide are directed to? In summer heat or even in weather without wind these gasses remain in the mini-farm! How these constructions could have been SPECIALLY invented? In “Rabbitax” farms the redirected flow of air works. It means that fresh air goes upward down moving through the bunker system. Thus, rabbits do not breathe in the poisoned air with gasses! It is much easier to construct a simple cage as it was made by the Lithuanian company and torture rabbits. But we begin to understand their intention…

It is convenient to sell equipment under the slogans “we will by all your production” knowing beforehand that there will be one and a million reason not to accept the production.  Their bureaucracy will leave no chances to organize the production distribution. The breeder will have to find the buyer by himself.

Rabbit breeders who buy cages from MDF and OSB complain that does give birth to a small amount of young rabbits. In fact, rabbits cannot survive in such conditions. But a freshman in the rabbit breeding cannot understand that cute-looking cages from the furniture materials will not work! Furniture materials are poisoned with formaldehyde and other chemicals and they will soak in a year or two and will be destroyed! Maybe such cages will serve longer, but not 10, 12 or 20 years as we guarantee for “Rabbitax” constructions. Only these mini-farms will serve the rabbit breeder providing all necessary tools for his work and not causing problems.

The fraudsters from Lithuania do not even mention their full names at the Contacts page on their website. They do not care of the success of rabbit breeders. Their main aim is to sell equipment and to hold out the alluring prospects.

Learn more how actually the rabbits should be protected in the mini-farm – here.


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