Technology Of Eco-Rabbit Breeding

 Rabbax Technology – Technology Of Eco-Rabbit Breeding

 Technology Of Eco-Rabbit Breeding


The technology of eco-rabbit breeding does not allow the inhumane approach to animals. The whole principle of this technology is based on the thesis “What the rabbit wants?” This aspect is the most important in order to get the economic profit from business on rabbits. Under these conditions the animals can live till the planned time without any zoo-engineering influence at their development (no growth stimulators or other chemicals are used). As the result, rabbit breeder gets the qualitative product. The technology of eco-rabbit breeding does not let the artificial insemination of does. The coupling occurs according to the call of nature; the high libido of rabbits makes it possible to couple animals in any season. These rabbits do not suffer from broiler zombieing and depression.  There is no the

technology of eco-rabbit breeding

necessity in eco-rabbit breeding to buy the breed herd every year and be dependent on reproducer and the policy of pricing. Eco-rabbits are the perfect bearers of the family and any of them will become good mother or father. There is no selection of sperm from bucks or castration in eco-rabbit breeding. The high attention is paid to the place where the animals live. It is forbidden to keep them under stress conditions such as twilight or dark, artificial lighting, including natural diffused light (in sheds, barns, etc.), on iron netted floor, immobilization is also not allowed because of lack of living space, etc. It is prohibited to use the mutant animals with more than 8 dugs, Hay and useful fibre should be on the ration. The killing of young animals is not allowed too. One doe gives birth only 4-5 times within a year. The profitability of a small eco-farm (that costs $20 000) is 1135-1400 rabbits per year, or 2800 kg of eco-rabbit flesh. One person can serve the farm, another person may help during the killing. The mini-farm functions without fails, it has its own rhyme. Rabbit breeder regulates the movement of rabbits, its frequency according to the schedules, the regularity of production, etc.

In eco-rabbit breeding there are not mutants and hybrids (for example, animals with 10 dugs). The locality of farming is a great advantage because it provides reliability.  All the animals live in separate mini-farms, which have autonomic supply, and as the result, the virus invasion will not spread on the whole farm. Such a technology prevents the whole enterprise from contamination and allows high safety during quarantine.

Eco-rabbit breeding is well-secured from the main sources of infection – mosquitoes and flies. Its type of organization has not high level of automation and lets to solve the extraordinary situations as fast as possible. As compared to the technocratic way of rabbit breeding – when there is a breakage – block or processor is damaged – the whole production cycle goes down the drain. It is easy to proclaim that the rabbit breeding enterprise has a full working cycle, but in real – it is not an advantage when the lives of the animals are put at stake. This technocratic approach will not work here. The human controls all the processes in eco-rabbit raising. Besides, the working places, employment in villages are not the last things for businessman’s image. Moreover, the human labour does not influence the outcome, because eco-rabbit breeding profits by high quality of its products, high assortment and general trend of eating healthy food.
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In eco-rabbit breeding the functions of veterinary is provided by nature. The whole system of natural rabbit raising (technology and equipment) is based on the natural cycles of development. The animals are provided with the best living conditions, outside and inside the hutches. It is easy for the rabbit breeder to keep these mini-farms clean, and the rabbits are only to live and grow according to their instincts and habits.

The hybrid pedigree of meat rabbits is NOT used in eco-rabbit breeding. There is no need to be dependent on the centers of genetics or pedigree breeding farms that can influence the BUSINESS! The repair young animals are controlled! The rabbits are born with strong immunity; they are not zombified with medicines and chemicals. All the rabbits that grow at ecofarms are real representatives of domestic animals. On average, every doe gives birth to 8-10 rabbits during every kindling. The technology of Rabbax Technology provides the market with high quality rabbit flesh (1,5-2,1 kg). Besides that, this meat is natural as compared to broiler breeding where the young animals are killed because they cannot live longer.


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