Rabbit-breeding Rabbax Technology

Rabbit-breeding Rabbax Technology

Rabbit-breeding Rabbax Technology.  Rabbit breeding in its natural essence is presented by eco-rabbit breeding. This is one of the perspective forms of industrial rabbit breeding. It is the branch of raising animals, and maybe the only one, that can offer the pure natural product free from hormones, steroids, antibiotics, growth stimulators, phosphates and other chemicals that are harmful for the health. The meat industry strives to get the highest income producing the matrix food. This food is the product of broiler animal breeding. It depresses the human vitality and will. The broiler technologies allow growing animals very quickly. The cattle, swine, rabbits, birds are fed with gene-modified plants and corn with negative energetic. As the result, the animals synthesize the complex mutant proteins and fat combinations which have the non-natural formula and are dangerous for human beings.

Eco rabbit farm
Eco rabbit farm

Eco-rabbit breeding is founded by the project ”Rabbitax Technology” (Mukachevo, Ukraine). This industry has nothing common with chemicals and frankenfood. Our company uses eco-farms for breeding the rabbits – systems “Rabbitax” that allow getting the unique and useful product – eco-rabbit flesh.

This eco-industry produces the natural and etalon product in the final result. It is socially important aspect of human vital activity, healthy eating and healthy way of life. The technology of this eco-business gives the opportunity to raise the rabbits using different forms of organization – the conservative (private) or industrial rabbit breeding. Everyone may choose how to start out the business on eco-rabbit breeding.

Mini eco-farmRabbitax-8 produces 115-248 kg of rabbit meat. This meat is free of radicals, nitrates and other chemicals. Such result is achieved by using the natural forage – uneaten food, pasture, vegetables, hay. An adult human being needs 85kg of meat per year. Eating the “non-natural” meat from the markets causes diseases whereas natural meat from eco-farms can help the human to improve health. The rabbit meat is digestible at 96% as compared to pork that is digestible only at 46%, beef – at 74%!

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Meat of rabbits is the best product for diet eating. This aspect is of the highest importance for people who suffer from allergies, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases. Fat of the rabbits is irreplaceable during the treatment of gastroenteric illnesses, and it has the same qualities as the bear fat! Rabbit flesh is very useful for people who need to freshen up their vitality (for example, sportsmen), for people who live the healthy life, for children, for people during after operation recovery, for elderly people. Meat of rabbits has no contraindications.

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