Rabbit breeding equipment

rabbit breeding equipment


Rabbit breeding equipment


Cage For Rabbits “Rabbitax 8BVK”

Cage for rabbits “Rabbitax 8BVK”
Rabbitax 8 BVK

Rabbit breeding equipment.  Cage for rabbits “Rabbitax 8BVK” (also called mini-farm, eco-farm) is the construction for rabbit breeding that provides the most convenient and comfortable conditions for animals. The special construction for rabbits was invented by the rabbit breeding project “Rabbax Technology” that is well-known in the Eastern Europe. This mini farm is the bestseller model at the market of outdoor rabbit raising (open, external, outdoor, domestic, suburban and industrial). The industrial variant of the platform “Rabbitax 8” is presented by the cages for rabbits “Rabbitax 8BVK”. Each this minifarm consists of 8 rooms; 2 or 3 of them are used for does to give birth to young animals. Equipment for rabbit breeding “Rabbitax 8BVK” is the eco farm in its essence as the animals have the best and the most natural living conditions for growth and reproduction. In such cages for rabbit breeding the air flows are redirected that is the real achievement of engineering. This innovation matters a lot. There is no smell in this eco house as compared to the Baltic fake-modelsrabbit breeding farm where the smell is, and the vent-pipe is put down in the bunker system of faeces removal. The opposite direction of air flows in constructions for rabbits “Rabbitax 8BVK” allows placing does and bucks in the same ecofarm – there is no mixture of smells and the animals are not disturbed with the presence of each other. Besides, there is no smell at all at the rabbit raising farms as the source of it is liquidated on the whole territory of enterprise. The compulsory ventilation in the cages for rabbit breeding “Rabbitax 8BVK” collects the smell and it can be easily removed with the help of pipe that can unite two different cages “Rabbitax 8BVK”.Rabbit breeding equipment

The redirected air flows dry the floor and keep the rabbits from the draught. The compulsory ventilation prevents the animals from gas-poisoning – there is no ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbonic acid, methane and other stink that can occur during the decomposition of excrements. The animals grow with heroic health and strong immunity. Mini farm “Rabbitax 8BVK” serves for keeping the rabbits outdoor as well as placing these eco-hutches inside the building. The good quality of solid wood protects the rabbits in winter cold and summer heat. The chipboard products, that can be the source of bacteria and harmful evaporation, are not used in our eco-constructions!

Cage for rabbits “Rabbitax 8WD”
Cage for rabbits “Rabbitax 8WD”

Minifarm “Rabbitax 8BVK” keeps the rabbits from the transverse fall-outs. The animals will not suffer from rain or snow. Besides, these innovative constructions for rabbit breeding prevent the animals from heating in summer due to the protection against infrared and ultraviolet rays. Usually, they are painted in white to reflect the sun rays. Also, the construction of ecofarm “Rabbitax 8BVK” protects the rabbits from mosquitoes and flies. There are no chinks and the insects will not get inside. The window frames are equipped with mosquito nets that let the necessary amount ultraviolet and disperse sun rays to come inside. Each construction has its own system of water conveying for each animal; this water is being heated and never freezes in winter. Also the rooms for does with kids are heating. This is made in order to keep the young animals from cold and make them use their mother’s milk not for warming, but for growing. As the result, the rabbits raise fast and have strong immunity. Mini farm for rabbits “Rabbitax 8BVK” has enough space for animals to live the full life. This equipment for rabbit is not the concentration camp with iron nets (as we used to see in industrial broiler rabbit breeding), but it is the real home for rabbits! And these are not the excesses, but the necessities that will help to get enormous profit from this business! These living conditions and appropriate care help to raise healthy and natural rabbits without growth stimulators, steroids, antibiotics and other chemicals. The rabbit breeder’s attention is enough and the rest is done by nature. Mini farm for rabbits “Rabbitax 8BVK” has also protection against the rodents, small and big predators, draught and moisture. We produce eco-rabbit equipment “Rabbitax 8BVK” in a lot of models that answer all the demands and may serve all the possible tasks in rabbit breeding.

Empty weight rabbitry – 234 kg

Dimensions : 3000 mm x 1500 mm x 2000 mm

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