Rabbit breeding, domestic rabbit breeding, industrial rabbit breeding


Rabbit breeding, domestic rabbit breeding, industrial rabbit breeding, rabbit meat, equipment for rabbit breeding, profitability of rabbit breeding, business on rabbits.

Theme: rabbit breeding, domestic rabbit breeding, industrial rabbit breeding, rabbit meat, equipment for rabbit breeding, profitability of rabbit breeding, business on rabbits.

It has been said a lot about rabbits and their breeds, technologies and methods of breeding and everyone who wants to start out business on rabbits may find all necessary information in the Internet. But that information is based on stereotypes and is very often anachronistic. It is unlikely that all technological innovations are highlighted; that is why many people think the rabbit breed is the main aspect in rabbit breeding. Meanwhile, many specialists know that rabbit was not domesticated to the full extent. To reach great results and gain profit – rabbit breeders pay attention not only to breeds, but also to other aspects. Scientists who participate in the project “Rabbax Techniology” take into account all these facts and are constantly developing natural methods of rabbit breeding.
Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to commercial, industrial rabbit breeding. This is understandable due to the fact that rabbit can be bred industrially; and rabbit breeders can get great profit from their business as rabbits are the leaders concerning the weight gain. The approaches to commercial rabbit breeding differ a lot. According to the first approach, rabbits live in humane conditions; according to the second approach, they are only the method of getting profit. The last approach presupposes the use of iron cages with the area of a half of A4 where poor animals suffer from lack of place, fresh air and sun rays – as we used to see in broiler rabbitries.

Rabbit breeding, domestic rabbit breeding, industrial rabbit breeding
Due to the lack of space the cases of traumatism are lower and animals gain weight faster. The other conditions are also important – cleanness of air, moisture and draughts, heat and cold, etc. The conveyer belt is used to remove the excrements. Just imagine that terrible noise and awful smell that are in such rabbitries…In winter the temperature should be at least 16 °С, but in commercial rabbit farms the ventilations is bad because their owners try to cut expenses by any means. The coupling of rabbits is artificial – that is the real torture – sperm is got from bucks and the does are fertilized by syringes. This procedure occurs at least 9 times a year. Just imagine what brood can be from the exhausted doe.
Nowadays, rabbit is the only animal that can give absolutely pure ecological meat that is digestible at 96%, it has the low percentage of bad cholesterol and fat. You can find more information about eco-rabbits at our site –  This meat can be got without broiler technologies, use of hormones, steroids, antibiotics. All what is needed – just the natural conditions for rabbits.
Natural rabbit breeding, when rabbits grow without chemicals, has been considered unprofitable. But the situation has drastically changed when Janosh Pogoretsky started the eco-rabbit breeding project in Mukachevo 11 years ago. This project was called “Rabbax Technology” (shorten from “rabbit acceleration technology”) and it collected all the innovations and investigation in this sphere. The effect of accelerated growth, eco-technologies and humane conditions for rabbits have been embodied in eco-farm “Rabbitax” (abbr. “rabbit acceleration”).
The humanity in rabbit breeding has been achieved due to the following methods:
• Protection from all indoor and outdoor risks and threats that are in this sphere. First of all, the outdoor eco-farms provide the animals with A, E, D vitamins that is possible only when animals are bred in fresh air under sun rays.
• Protection from moisture and draughts, heat and cold, cross rain and snow, big and small predators, flies and mosquitoes, poisoning by ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbonic acid that are created from evaporation of excrements.
• There is no artificial coupling. Rabbit live in the best conditions possible, they have high libido and desire to breed. No growth stimulators and antibiotics are used in their ration. There is no need in them because animals have great biochemistry due to the natural way of their growing.

Also, the innovations of nanotechnologies are used in eco-rabbit breeding. The latest investigations are applied in construction of the eco-farms where animals live. One more advantage of natural breeding is the fact that rabbits are not slaughtered in childhood as it happens in commercial rabbit breeding.
Eco-rabbit breeding does not have the bad consequences for environment or human health. The opposite situation is in broiler rabbit breeding. Intensive technologies bring harm to rabbit breeding and gene pool of rabbits because broiler rabbit breeding deals with hybrid breeds. Gene zoo-engineering has already created hermaphrodites and mutants. As GMO damages natural plants as broiler technologies damage rabbit species as it is.

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