Rabbit Breeding Beyond The Matrix

Rabbit Breeding Beyond The Matrix!

Or Eco-Rabbit Raising Outside The System!


Rabbit Breeding Beyond The Matrix! Nighttime silence spreads on the eco-farm.

The new paradigms are hardly acceptable by society and science that depends on the financing, the bureaucratswhose dissertations, and even the Nobel prizes, are in danger to be called unnecessary and meaningless.

Nevertheless, the activity of our company relies on the non-standard world-view which estimates the current situation in the society and presents the outlook at life from the new side. Our intentions are accordant with Vadim Zeland’s ideas in his book “Release The Consciousness: Begin To Understand What Is Going On”.

Eco-rabbit breeding is biospheric (natural) product to its core and it can be easily adapted for industrial purposes. But the targets of eco-rabbit raising and technocratic approach differ a lot and this difference will be further illustrated using the lines from Vadim Zeland’s book.Rabbit Breeding Beyond The Matrix!

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“The reality in which we exist has changed drastically and now it is not the same as it has been several decades ago. The changes occur very quickly and like a snowball with acceleration. Everyone is aware of the term “biosphere” as the environment where all the creatures live. But a few people know about “technosphere” and what meaning it has. Technosphere represents all the achievements of civilization from the invention of domestic electric appliances to food products. Everything what technosphere affects is transformed into something new, in particular, the human being.”

When the civilization has chosen the technocratic way of development, the new laws have come into power. The technosphere is constantly coagulating into matrix. Matrix is such a conglomeration, system, in which the human being is just a battery that charges this system. Such movies as “The Matrix” or “Surrogates” are not the fantastic but our nearest future. And it is not going just about technics and machines. When people are caught by the information field, created by different mass media, they are in the grip of the system. People do not manage the system, but the system controls and subdues people. It is easily made with the help of informational network.

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Who can get the profit of it? No one. The person used to think that everything what happens is done by the other people. In reality, the system develops by itself. Who governs the jungles? Nobody. They just live and grow beginning from the moment when the plants united and tried to coexist together. Do you understand?

Rabbit Breeding Beyond The Matrix

But the system is looking for profit in the other spheres. It is intended to maintain the balance, to create the construction in which people, like cyborgs, will support its functionality. What is necessary for this to happen? All the matrix cells should be filled with the obedient elements. These elements should not be healthy (in order not to have free energy) and should be bewildered (not to understand where they are). The energy and power should be on that amount which will be enough for their functional responsibilities – no more and no less.

Have you thought why a lot of people are exhausted after work and want nothing more as only to watch TV lying on the couch? This fatigue has become a normal thing. But is it really normal? No. It is just a habit, bad habit. Have you thought why the modern person’s life is put at stake between 20 and 40 years of age? The employers are not interested in you, because you have no experience when you are 20; when you are 40, they deny hiring you because you do not have the life energy any more. At this age the opposite sex also loses interest to you. Why does this happen? Apparently, something is wrong with this regularity!

One more thing the system is interested in is the shortening of population. It would seem that reduction of the number of customers will lead to the lowering of output which the system gets. In fact, when the system turns into the matrix, the survived users will turn into the obedient providers, the output will be under total control and become more qualitative, organized – not as we used to see it – now people have the ability to choose what they like and to do what they want until they turn into zombie. That is the target and meaning of these changes.

The question is – Who controls all these processes? People used to rumor about the mysterious world’s government, known as Bilderberg Club, which consists of the richest and the most powerful people on the globe. But this is only the trick of system to switch the attention. A lot of people think that if these noble persons, who control all the population on the Earth, are removed, the problem will be solved. Nothing of the kind. If only the tops of weeds are taken away from the garden, will they disappear at all?

People in power are the marionettes of system even more than the ordinary people. They are affected directly while the rest of population is influenced indirectly by means of advertising, fake targets, disinformation, etc. In the modern society no one can start a war by himself. Banker cannot finance this “expensive pleasure”, if only the appropriate grouping comes to power under certain conditions. Everything is connected and interrelated in the system. But we should look for the reasons not in the conditions, but much deeper – where these conditions are born.

Rabbit Breeding Beyond The Matrix

In what a way the system fulfills its plans? This is easy. Firstly, by manipulation of attention of people, secondly, via the food they eat.

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Control of attention is the most effective way of management. It does not even demand the usage of some propaganda; it is enough to make the donkey think about the carrot hanging in front of him. The attention of popularity is focused on that information that is profitable for system, and is taken away from the really important questions. There are a lot of examples.

Some diseases are invented and people begin to vaccinate, but the problem of cancer, that is becoming more terrifying with each next year, is omitted. Nowadays, the breaking news informs us that the cure has been found. It is funny and sadly at the same time. What a miracle! Why people continue to die? Meanwhile, the main reason of this disease was discovered at the beginning of the previous century by Otto Warburg. But people forgot about it.

The fact that biosphere has transformed into technosphere is overlooked. The attention is drawn to the other problems that have not occurred yet. For example, global warming, fall of temperature, flood, end of world, etc.

All the discussions about “Avatar” focus on the visual effects, but not at the division of all the population into supporters of biosphere and supporters of technosphere. This fact was omitted. That is the reason that this movie has not been honored with Oscar. The award has been given to another movie that makes people think in the “right” direction – it is not the system to be afraid of, but “the aggressive Arabs” are the main threat.

It does not mean that somebody controls all the mass media. These processes occur by themselves as it used to be in jungles. To grasp the attention of the modern person is a difficult task. The most effective and easy way to interest is to show something that evokes anxiety, alert, fear. Media world works in this direction, but unconsciously, at the level of the journalists’ instincts.

This management is realized so unnoticeably, little by little and “naturally”, that nobody can suspect any harm. The elements of the system will not regain consciousness until they are ringed with electronic chips and made absolutely under control, as the rabbits in the cage. But these chips will not be implanted in head – that is the trick to withdraw the alertness. Let the plebs to do nuts protesting against this inhuman action that deprives the individual rights. This procedure will be performed more culturally, for example, via driving license or bank cards, without which “the rabbits” could not exist. The system will explain that it has been done for their good, convenience and safety. And the most people will agree and believe in this nonsense; while the opponents will be slung mud as the dissenters.

It seems that everything is clear with information. What about food? How people can be controlled with the help of products? Easy. We are what we eat and our food is like the hook. Every person turns into muppet. This way of management is so “natural” and veiled, that “the muppet” notices nothing and thinks that everything is all right.

Bertrand Russell, English philosopher and pacifist, has written that it is possible to create such type of people who will be obedient as the sheep in flock, with the help of special food and medicines.

Here is the example. In 1974, the American government proclaimed the task to shorten the population of the Third World countries for the national security. In what a way this policy was going to be realized? The secretary of state Henry Kissinger offered, during the memorandum of the USA security, to instigate wars and use the food products to reduce the population.

This diplomat is a wise man and he tops the list of 100 the greatest intellectuals around the world! Now he is 90, he has strong health because he eats not those products that has recommended for the others. Also he is the laureate of the Nobel prize as well as Barack Obama (the system knows who deserves such awards). He is also the member of Bilderberg Club.

He realizes that the society of zombies and batteries will be tricked by the advertisement of matrix food; and those, who will awake and understand what happens in real, the society will laugh at and humiliate in every possible way.

Long before this memorandum, the system has created such a movement as eugenics (the idea of “racist hygiene” aimed at reduction of the world’s population). The first experiments were primitive, inhuman, “undemocratic” and resonated with ideology of Nazism and Stalinism. Nowadays, these ideas are more refined and veiled; the reduction of population is made via chemicals, medicines and genetically modified organisms (GMO).

The transgenic technology is a genius invention of the system. It kills two birds with one stone. Simultaneously, it is the means of reduction of the population and the means of undermining the food safety of different countries, because the seeds of genetically modified plants do not sprout and the bank of seeds in only in the hands of corporations. It is the ideal method of manipulation. No need to instigate a war.  It is enough to deny the disobedient at the right time.

The system is constantly perfecting its methods. The reason is that the primitive policy of eugenics, such as violent sterilization, evokes the wave of protests among the population. But this is just a trick to draw the attention from more important questions. The real methods work without notice and gradually, adapting to the public opinion and covering up supposedly with humane targets. This mimicry looks reasonable, for example: gene modification of plants is necessary and profitable procedure as it increases the productivity and there is no need in pesticides any more. Judge for yourself, is this bad?

In real, it is a myth created by corporations. The facts prove that crop capacity of gene modified plants is in times lower and instead of the previous pests and weeds the new appear. They have immunity against our pesticides and there is the need to create the new pesticides. On fields of the gene modified soya there is only the breathless silence: you will not hear the birds singing, insects buzzing, there is no move or life there as if these plants are made of plastic. But people who have not seen this continue buying sausage with soya and do not suspect that GMO ingredients are added to almost all products: semi-prepared foods, meat, milk products, confectionery, flakes, mayonnaise, sauces, chocolate, and beverages – in all matrix food you can buy in the supermarket. Even the baby food has these ingredients! But a few people know about this because this information is carefully veiled.

Are you surprised? It is late to be wondered. The actual state of things is – there is impudent and cynical real heavy as compared to sweet treacle that flows down from the TV screens.

You may ask – Are there any investigations done? Of course, they are done, but at the commission of corporations that produce GMO. The results of these investigations are cheerful and lively: “transgenes are absolutely safe”. Most likely, the hired scientists are working now to prove that they are very useful. The only independent investigation has been done by Irene Ermakova, but it has been closed in a hurry because it has led to the shocking conclusions.

In the USA the laws were adopted; the first one forbids to grow fruits and vegetables at your own farm, the second one – forbids the supply of products with the marking GMO. So, people do not have the opportunity to choose, but only eat what the system gives. It sounds wildly, isn’t it? The countries of the European Union pull up the rear concerning this question. But Ukraine will run America very soon. What people refuse to eat in Europe, the enterprises send to the Third World countries. You will not find in the supermarkets the appropriate marking on products to define if they contain GMO or not. This happens because the deputies (the most obedient and devoted elements of the system) not only have denied to consider this question, but also have revoked the certification of these products.

The most interesting thing is that the policy of the USA (or “world’s government”), that has been turned against the Third World countries, has also turned into the unforeseen consequences for the USA. One third of the population is sterile. Why do you think they began to worry when the program of adoption of the Russian kids was halted? One more third of their population suffers from obesity. But only 30 years ago it was the running nation crazy about organic (natural) food. One more third uses antidepressants. This is an obvious and easy statistics. And all people think that it is normal. Nobody is surprised that chronic fatigue syndrome and stress are our reality. Nothing strange is going, right?

What is the reason of these striking changes? Are people not interested in bioproducts anymore? The reason is very simple: dead synthetic food, especially fast food, that has become so popular in America, builds up a tolerance that is the same as narcotic one. The whole population on the Earth consists of ingrained foodholics.

Do you remember the tale “Sindbad the Sailor”? Once they arrived in the country where the natives treated them with delicious food. The travelers enjoyed this food and in some time they turned into fatties, their consciousness was clouded. They could not estimate the reality objectively. As it turned out, they were fed for slaughter. But there is no fantasy and fairy tales – all these are the aspects of our common life that have been or will be fulfilled.

There is one more simple statistics: one third of all bees have died in the USA for several years. Nobody knows why does this happen. The probable reasons are: electromagnetical smog of mobile communication, transgene plants, chemicals, or all these together. Does that mean that there will be no honey? No, the situation is worse in times – there will be no plants that are pollinated by bees (three quarter of all plants). In some provinces in China the bees were killed with pesticides, and now the plants are pollinated by people, manually. But nobody worries about this problem.

It is very sorrowfully. People have imagined themselves to be the kings of nature and provide the presuming and destructive fuss in order to remake the unique biosphere that has being created during the millions of years. Do you understand what is going on? This is the same as to let the monkey to come in the chemical laboratory. And everything that this animal will do there will turn out into real catastrophe.

The main message I what to send to your mind is: people are governed not by the separate persons, they just are marching friendly and unconsciously to the matrix where the system will have the total control. All this is managed under the aegis of democratic and humane reforms, passing for purposes of collaboration, peace, rescue of the humankind, etc. The person enslaved by the system loses the freedom of choice – begins to want just what the system offers. This process is initiated and directed not intentionally, as a matter of course in accordance with laws of self-organization of the parasitizing system, in other words – synergistically. A few people see and understand what is going on.

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