Protection of rabbits

Protection of rabbits


Safety In rabbit breedingprotection of rabbits

Protection of rabbits, especially in eco-rabbit breeding – the leading way of natural rabbit raising outdoors and indoors, in special constructions “Rabbitax”, – is provided due to 20 main questions that play great role in formation, support and maintenance the best health, high immunity of rabbits, healthy young rabbits and assurance of high economic advisability.

In eco-rabbit breeding great attention is paid to physiological needs of the animal, its habits. The discoveries about the alimentary tract of the rabbits play great role. These demands meet together to provide the most humane methods of rabbit raising.

Eco-rabbit ways of breeding solve many problem tasks by instrumental means and due to the use of special constructions “Rabbitax”.

The main steps of rabbit protection are given in the table below:


Way Of Protection Effectiveness

Thermo, wind protection

The construction, that is blank from 5 sides, protects rabbits from wind and draughts. Back side of mini-farm faces the dominant wind rose. The inner microclimate in the rabbit hutch creates the best conditions for animals due to the natural wooden materials of canvass and cover. The cage does not accumulate cold and heat.

Sanitary, hygiene, utilization of wastes

The bunker for excrements collects wastes in one place that is very helpful during cleaning and lowers work efforts. It is placed under the living levels and protects rabbits from draughts, rodents and predators. Besides, the bunker system proves the compulsory ventilation due to which rabbits do not breathe with evaporation from wastes.


Special form of the floor

The specially cut and padded under certain angle floor is used in constructions. Parquet keystone wooded floor with large surface protects legs of rabbits from  pododermatitis and traumas. Besides, it makes cleaning of the cage quick and easy. Wooden floor has low thermal conduction. That is why it is the best variant for animals in winter as it protects rabbits from diseases of the genitourinary system and other organs.
Feeder Feeder works automatically. Thus, rabbits are being provided with complete feed constantly. It helps to utilize harmful for lungs dust and prevents rabbits from stress that may be caused by empty feeders (animals have access to feed all the time).

Drying of the living space

Compulsory top-down redirection of air flows protects rabbits from draughts, liquidates microbal activity, moisture, and dries the living space of rabbits.


Water supply – protection from generation of bacteria, souring in summer, and heating in winter. These methods protect animals from diseases and immunity weakening. Warming of water is the main aspect that make does produce milk for their kids in cold season. Water does not sour and bacteria do not generate. This aspect is very important. Water structuring in Eh – 200mV is a guarantee of immunity resistance to absolutely all diseases.

Utilization of fecal gases

Aerobic utilization of bad smells and evaporation from fecal masses from the bunker and living levels provide great comfort to animals, air hygiene, protection of rabbit lungs from harmful evaporation of ammonia, methane,  hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide that may be caused by bacteria generation.

Covering, painting

The best nano-paints of white color protect mini-farms from summer heat, reflecting UV rays in summer and assimilating them in winter; they create the best living conditions for rabbits, isolating animals from noises and serving as great hydrobonder.  

Nest box

The nest place is provided with anti-trample mechanism. Thus, a doe won’t cause any harm to its little rabbits. There is also the function of warming the nest box. This one will help to save precious mother’s milk that will make rabbits grow faster and with strong immunity, instead of wasting power of mother’s milk on warming from cold.  The way the nest box is protected influences the health and immunity of rabbits.

Living space

The construction “Rabbitax” provides anti-stress regime for rabbits. It has the most spacious departments among all cages on the market.  Because the main demand is the comfort of rabbits instead of the intention to save money on materials from which the farm is made of.


Protection from diseases

The protection from flies and mosquitoes, that are the main disease carriers, is provided in “Rabbitax” constructions, mini-farms. Only safe drinking water with useful minerals is used in water supply system with protection from souring. The eco-farms have the function of localization of focus of disease. If virus attack happens (it may be caused by bad service culture, when someone does not fulfill duties, violates the technology), the attacked farm is localized and other farms are protected.

Constructional hacks

Easy-removable floors, feeders, nest boxes, available materials to change old details make  it easy to service and repair the equipment. Repair mobility and constructional hacks do not cause stress to rabbits, as every farm has at least one technical department for placing rabbits while their own departments are being repaired.

Protection of kindling


The nest box is placed lower as compared to the level of living space. This is made to create the hole for doe and its kids. Thus, the rabbit’s instinct is taken in account and does always knows where she is supposed to give birth. Also there is anti-trample mechanism that protects little rabbits from clumsiness of their moms. The warming system helps to create comfortable conditions for animals in cold season.


Protection from predators

Construction protects from rats, vairs, ferrets and other small and middle-sized predators. There are known Rabbitaxes that became a hard nut to crack even for chupacabra. The height of the lower level is 1 meter or higher, there are no holes and other places where animals can find way into the farm. Thus, rabbits are well protected even without dog service.

Protection from gnawing

Protection of units and details from gnawing prevents rabbits from damaging the farm, making holes through which they can run away or through which predators can find way in.  

The whole concept of the mini-farm

Forethought of the construction minimizes work of rabbit-breeders and provide comfort in serving the cage. Service of one farm takes 60 minutes per week. Protection from all risks and threats that exist in the sphere of rabbit breeding is the guarantee of profitable result without any loses.

Protection from snow, snowstorm, cross rain

It is very important for rabbits to live and not to survive…The strong immunity will be inherited by future generation only if the living conditions are good. If the farm gets wet from December rain and then is covered with snow, rabbits will struggle for their lives, feeling stress and fear, as these conditions are not the norm. In nature, rabbits hide in deep holes where there is comfort and coziness.
Probiotics, sorbents and minerals Useful bacteria that help warm-blooded organisms keep useful bacterial and microbial strains; sorbents that help to purify the animal organisms; minerals that kill the pathogenic flora and correct biofield, and other technical achievements of eco-rabbit breeding substitute harmful medicines, antibiotics, vaccine, chemotherapy.
Additional ways of protection The conditioning with ionized air, antibacterial bioplastic, stress sidetracks can be used in some models of “Rabbitax”.