Natural Commercial Rabbit Breeding

Natural Commercial Rabbit Breeding

Natural Commercial Rabbit Breeding – Eco-Rabbit Breeding

Benefits of natural rabbit breeding
Quality of eco-rabbit meat

The natural meat of the healthy Eco-rabbit®, growing without steroids, antibiotics and hormones of growth – is the product with the highest gastronomic qualities. Fresh meat is always of “Extra” class; it does not contain the breakdown products, herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, medicines and their traces, inhibitors of reproductive development, anabolics; it never has the smell of urine. This pure product has curative qualities and is perfect for diet eating. All this is about Eco-rabbit®. This animal grows in special comfortable eco-farms with enough space for all activities. Eco-rabbit does not suffer from flies and mosquitoes. The farms are provided with the system of ventilation that prevents the creation of carcinogens from decomposition of faeces (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbonic acid). Eco-rabbit lives with mother till 2,5 months, grows at milk and eats only natural feed – all these advantages of eco-breeding help to produce pure, healing product for people. 

Meat of eco rabbit – is the original natural product that has nothing common with broiler methods of breeding. Thus, it has the low percentage of fat and cholesterol and leads in the class “meat”. This product is highly digestible as compared to pork, beef and mutton. Rabbit meat is low calory food and dietitians recommend it to elderly people, persons with extra-weight, children. 

Natural Commercial Rabbit BreedingPure rabbit meat is the only one variant for people who suffer from allergies. Hypoallergenicity of rabbit meat is a well-known fact because this meat does not contain the allergic proteins. But only in the case, when animal is bred in natural conditions without medicines, stimulators of growth, antibiotics. Eco-rabbit meat is valuable due to the fact that this is the only meat that the highly allergic individuals can eat. This product does not have any contradictions and is recommended for all people. At the market this meat is the real rescue for diabetics, allergics and ill people. Eco-rabbit meat is like medicine for people with high blood pressure, lack of digestive juice, different forms of gastritis and stomach ulcers, colitis and entorocolitis, liver, heart and kidney diseases, etc. 



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