Mini-farms for rabbits

Mini-Farm For Rabbits


Mini-farms for rabbits are created to reach the following objectives:

  • To provide rabbit breeding in the private sector (domestic rabbit breeding), commercial or industrial spheres;
  • To automatize the technological aspects of keeping and raising rabbits;
  •  To create the humane conditions of rabbit breeding, comfortable houses for animals and appropriate service of rabbit breeder;
  • To protect rabbits from all threats and risk factors (protection from climatic factors – cold, heat, cross rain, snow accumulations , moisture, draughts; from flies and mosquitoes – the main source of virus diseases, from poisoning of evaporative faeces);
  • To provide the rabbit breeder with all cultural and aesthetic tools.

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mini-farms for rabbits
rabbits mini farm

Rabbit breeding project “Rabbax Technology” is the first operator of the unique equipment for eco-rabbit breeding – eco-systems, mini-farms for rabbits, cages for rabbits, that has no analogues in the world. Its innovations have become the base for the new sphere of rabbit breeding – eco-rabbit breeding.

For construction of mini-farms for rabbits the developments of different scientific spheres are used – construction, joinery and welding spheres; metalwork, electric installation and sanitary industries; ecology of materials and rabbit breeding technologies.

Mini farms for rabbits are created from different wood species and types, eco-friendly plywood; these materials are finished

with nano-coating for perfect water isolation, sound insulation, thermoinsulation; they are provided with bactericidal elements for better protection. These constructions are easily cleaned with water pressure; they do not absorb moisture, and do not become the disease breeders in contrast to the fake mini-farms.

All the mini-farms for rabbits produced by “Rabbax Technology” are equipped with the unique system of redirected flows of air masses. Due to this, the rabbits do not suffer from the evaporation of their own faeces, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbonic acid and methane. This is the most important aspect of their health protection.

Mini-farms are provided with water supply system, water bowls, recirculating pump with elements that heats the water during the lowest temperatures in winter.

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In the building of mini-farms “Rabbitax” lumber-cored plywoods, harmful OSB and other materials of that kind are not used! The materials of low quality have bad influence on the health of animals and they will not serve for long.

Automatic rabbit farming equipment
Automatic rabbit farming equipment

All the constructions for rabbit breeding “Rabbitax” are equipped with heating system for the nest places. Due to this, little rabbits do not use the mother’s milk for warming themselves, but turn it into energy for growth and main source of immunity. Usually, they have strong health and do not get ill.

Mini-farms for rabbits – are the unique equipment for getting the eco-rabbit flesh, without the necessity of raising animals using the broiler technologies – the natural instincts help the rabbits to grow and breed in the comfort conditions of mini-farm!

We have more than 20 different models of mini farms, cages for rabbits and other rabbit breeding equipment. If you want to get more information concerning price, conditions and business plans, contact us:


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