Distinctive Features Of The Original Mini-Farms

Distinctive Features Of The Original Mini-Farms

The main differences between the original mini-farms and the fake ones

In this article we explain the main differences between rabbit cages, mini-farms and systems, produced by Rabbax Technology, and the others produced by pirated as well as legal companies which use the words – “cage for rabbits”, “mini-farm for rabbits”, “rabbit hutch”, etc.

Distinctive Features Of The Original Mini-Farms | Rabbit Breeding EquipmentDistinctive Features Of The Original Mini-Farms

This our message has been formulated as the answer to the huge amount of speculative offers from companies which try to sell, in the guise of mini-farm for rabbits or hutches for rabbits, the fake constructions made of bad Chinese materials to the clients who are not aware of all the details of rabbit breeding. Some businessmen fall for the seductive prices of these fake cages. But the forgeries will not let to receive the economic profit and the business will screw up. Such rabbit breeders become disappointed and draw wrong conclusions about the whole rabbit breeding sphere. Can you compare the Chinese tablet with the licensed one? The same analogy can be used for rabbit breeding equipment – cages for rabbits, mini-farms for rabbits, rabbit hutches. Our company has been working for 10 years at this market and all our knowledge and experience are embodied in our equipment.

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In the table below you may find all the differences between the original and the fake mini-farms. This information will help every rabbit breeder to choose the right and qualitative equipment if he really wants to start out business smoothly and get economic profit of it.

Distinctive Features Of The Original Mini-Farms

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Main differences between mini-farms, cages for rabbits, rabbit hutches “Rabbitax” from forgeries (home-made constructions)


Original Mini-Farms (“Rabbitax”)              Mini-Farms – Forgeries
We do not use OSB, flake boards and other low-quality materials for our equipment. For partitions we use moisture-resistant Euro construction veneer, dyed with ship paint for durable polish that do not allow the bacteria eating into the material and living in it.   Cheap Chinese materials are used (the same as for sheathing and cabinet making). The economy is achieved due to usage of low-quality materials that become in the future the breeder for bacteria and the cause of diseases for rabbits.                                     
Dyeing in several layers. This procedure allows recreating of the construction to its original look by means of washing. Dyeing provides the hygiene function of the construction. Very often the forgeries are not dyed at all. If they are dyed – this is done only to make them more attractive visually. The painting of wooden materials in mini-farms is necessary according to the listed reasons. The economy on painting lets to shave the prime cost. 
The patented system of ventilation is used (the movement of fresh air in top down) that lets to take out “dirty” air from the hutches. The rabbits do not suffer from ammonia, carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide that evaporate from their faeces during decomposition.  The pipe is put into bunker section. It can hardly fulfill the function of ventilation because it mixes the fresh and dirty air (dirty air is dragged into the living area along the pipe sides). This is the main reason of lack of multiple kindling and strong immunity of rabbits. 
Framework without chinks. There should be no draughts in the rabbit hutch to provide comfort for animals. Besides, chinks let the flies and mosquitoes get inside (the main source of virus diseases).  With the lack of knowledge in joiner’s work and necessary equipment, the forgery producers do not pay attention to this question. Mini-farm is a special construction, a priori workshop, module in which everything works at rabbit in order to provide the best living conditions for the animal and support its instincts for getting the maximum profit. 
Protection from flies and mosquitoes. The cloud of insects that can easily get inside the farm may cause a lot of diseases. Mini-farm should be a safe place for rabbits, free from all these threats. No external factors should influence the business. All these aspects should be counted during building the rabbit hutches.  The fake mini-farm in real is a simple rabbit hutch. All necessary details, protective elements and setting cost a lot – so frauds just ignore them. Moreover, in the most cases these masters are not the specialists in rabbit breeding and understand nothing in this sphere. 
Airtight fastening of dirty bin to the bottom of bunker  Frauds do not know how to build mini-farms correctly so their constructions suffer from leaks, fall of wastes outside or on the ground. No culture of rabbit breeding is maintained. 
Total floor area for rabbits in accordance with norms of placement  Forgery masters can cut down expenses greatly. They use plates or plywood of the standard size divided in two or more segments in order to use them in nonwaste manner. In such a way the place for rabbits is reduced. This economy plays a bad joke with rabbit breeders in the future and does not let to get the maximum profit. 
Overheat protection in summer. This is a necessary function of mini-farm because the rabbits suffer from the temperature higher than 28 degrees Celsius. This question is absolutely ignored
Water supply, heating of water in winter. Autonomous drinking bowls or central water supply system  Nonsense and experiments. Fraud master cannot know all the details and tricks to make the system work. We have built more than 3000 mini-farms and have enough experience and knowledge in this question 
Lack of wind resistance (overturning effect). Physical stability of “Rabbitax” farms can be noticed with the naked eye. Moreover, the poles of carcass are fastened with anchor bolts to the foundation.  Mini-farms created from templates are narrow across. They should be fastened to shed. If they are not fastened in this way – the flaw of wind will turn them down. 
Protection from snowstorm, cross rain, moisture. If there is moisture in mini-farm, rabbits will be ill. This is very widely spread occurrence.  Problem of moisture in fake mini-farms is absolutely unsolved. This question demands the increase of expenses. If rabbit hutch is covered with snow, it will take much time to clean it. Moreover, it will cause damp microclimate in the house. Rabbits will have wet legs and their immunity will be weakened. 
Construction. “Rabbitax” systems are harmonious and compact concerning the aesthetics and construction aspects. They have been created by specialists and have received the classifier ESKD. They are confirmed by numerous patents.  Constructional aspects are not taken into consideration at all. Very often fake hutches are copies of the original mini-farms. In this case, the rabbit breeder is in danger – all counterfeit products are confiscated at once after disclosure. 
Our company may offer up to 20 different models of mini-farms. Each of them is designed for special needs in the technological process. One and the same farm may have different construction inside.  Very often frauds offer one model of mini-farm or its innovation. This will limit the advantages for rabbit breeder. The standard patterns, moulds and templates cannot be universal for all models of rabbit mini-farms. 
Floor construction Often frauds face the main problem – accumulation of manure along the walls and the floor edges.


This list does not include the separate constructional and rabbit breeding aspects that differ in the original mini-farms and fake rabbit hutches. For example, the correct sizes of feeding racks, additional attributes (electrical fitting, pipe routing, pressure and heating of water, constructional components, details, etc.). Some people call “Rabbitax” system the Mercedes of rabbit breeding, but we do not agree with this statement. Our “Mercedes” has been created not to splendor at the market. We were devastated to see the dead from virus diseases rabbits that were caused by mosquitoes, or whose rabbits that live in the conditions of concentration camps – in garages or sheds. If you are a businessman, your working place must be accommodated to bring the maximum profit! If you a worker, you should also keep your working place in the best conditions possible! If you want to get the outcome at once after the business startup, out “Mercedes” will help you with that – your rabbits will live in the best and the most convenient conditions. Everyone should decide for himself – how to treat animals, how to attitude to trademark rights, how to be honest and fair businessman, because the success and well-being of your business depend on these main questions.

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