Business-plan “Seller”

Business-plan “Seller”

Price – $1200

(Operator who sells the commercial business-plans of Rabbax Technology in the USA)

Business-plan “Seller” – is the unique opportunity to earn money selling commercial plans of innovative project “Rabbax Technology”. This plan grants the status of the official representative of our company and presupposes the delivery of services and goods, the right of selling the equipment and technology to other companies, businessmen, farmers or private persons mentioned here.

The sale of one commercial plan will bring you on average $5 000 from one deal. If your production is high, the bonus fee is provided – $10 000 from one deal. Our company has sold more than 1000 plans in Ukraine and Russia (taking into consideration the low paying capacity of the population).

What are these business-plans, what is their target and why the demand for them is so high? The reasons are following:

  • The customer of this business-plan starts out the unique business that will bring great profit and cover all expenses in times;
  • There is no completeness at this market. The customer will have the original business that has no analogues in the world;
  • The customer will have influence on the whole branch of economics of his country;business plan sellerie
  • The customer gains positive image, social recognition creating new job market and advancing eco-business and the healthy way of life.

The theme of business-plan – eco-technology, ecology of environment, food ecology, humane approach of animal breeding, eco-products. Learn more here.

The customer may become slightly confused with the theme of this business-plan – eco-rabbit breeding. But after some consideration every wise businessman will see the great opportunities for himself and development of business in this sphere! The further example is going to confirm this statement:

How the customer of this business-plan will get profit?

  • The customer will get the license on building the equipment by himself, constructional documentation, technology, helpful tips, business training;
  • The customer gets the right to sell this equipment in his country to private persons for their private household or to farmers and companies – for commercial production of rabbit meat – the only profitable product in the class “meat” with ordinary prices. This is the main attractiveness of this business taking into account that usually the production of eco-products is in times more expensive than the production of “chemical” food! (you may find interesting information on our site concerning the phenomenon of eco-rabbit);
  • The customer may buy the ready equipment from Rabbax Technology at prime cost! This offer may be interesting for those who do not want to learn all the details and constructional technologies of equipment;
  • The customer earns money on selling the plans – the great advantage is that this equipment does not have analogues in the world and the demand for eco-products is high.


Price of business-plans that you will sell is $ 60 000, your outcome will be $5 000 – 10 000 from each deal!

The selling of these plans may be compared with selling at exchange market, selling of cars, plants, antiques, in other words –  selling of everything that has great value. During one year the seller may make dozens of deals, it depends only on intention, skills and business acumen. We appreciate such abilities and offer great bonuses.


You search for customers, make offers referring to theory and philosophy of business-plans (referring to our sites), conduct negotiations on behalf of yourself using your mail in order to control all the process of making a deal. You get money from the client on your operating account and then transfer the agreed sum to our company. Another way of cooperation – we conclude the agent contract with you with the guarantee that we will pay your fee when your customer transfers money on our account. Only you will contact with your customers in order to control all the processes.

All the customers’ questions you may send us – we will give answers – and then you (as negotiator) observe the process of negotiations.

This job may bring great profits; you may work from home, from your office, from any place with the access to the Internet! With all the advantages of distance work!

This cooperation is called dealership and our company is looking for representatives of our eco-business in different countries.

Learn more about eco-rabbit breeding on our sites.

Consider all the advantages and make decision that may change your life for better!

Alina Malyuk — FEA managerAlina_Maljuk
+38 097 78 68 406
Skype: alina.strilets

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